Episode 5: First Foray into Long-Distance Podcasting

Drew’s in Columbia, SC these days, away from Austin and across the nation from Brian, but they’ve found what looks like a solution–Skype and Call Recorder.

Episode 5: The first foray into long-distance podcasting

This week Brian and Drew catch you up on what they’ve been playing, the crazy and awesome games of August, and some of the latest gaming and movie news, served up with a healthy dose of commentary.


Episode 4: Drew’s about to move, and Next Gen Graphics

This week’s episode (Drew’s last before he leaves Austin) has Drew and Brian discussing EA’s summer event held last week, as well as much more from the gaming industry including the graphics and development engines for the next generation of consoles.  Also, we discuss Paul Dini being cutoff from writing the next Rocksteady Batman game, and give you some of the latest movie news tidbits.

Episode 4: Drew’s preparing to move, and Next Gen Engines

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Rage an impressive wasteland or just a waste of space?

Rage was an interesting experience for me. As a long time fan of id I was looking forward to Rage. However, when it was released, it was met with mediocre reviews. I usually never let such atrocities affect my decision, but this time around I was indeed affected and never went out and supported the latest from id. Late is better than never I guess, and I have just spent several hours in the wasteland, and I came out with just the response I feared. It was OK.

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Episode 3: We fall in love with Borderlands, and Jurassic Park in Real Life???

This week Brian and Drew discuss their thoughts on upcoming games like Darksiders 2, Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, Sleeping Dogs, and more.  They also talk about their recent time with Borderlands, and cover some other gaming news, and real news like an Australian billionaire wanting to clone a dinosaur, and as always, they end with a brief film update, this week about X-Men First Class.

Episode 3

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A look back: Killzone 3 the Halo wannabe killer!

The First Person Shooter Genre sure has become a staple for reoccurring themes, go here, kill him, save the world, and try not to die doing it. Yet here we are continuing to stand by them and save the world over and over again. Why? Well that’s easy, because no one really plays the campaign any more and even if they do, in the end, its the Multiplayer that decides an FPS fate. This is where Killzone 3 really shines, well this and of course gorgeous graphics.

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