A look back: DC Universe Online can an MMO really work on consoles?

It has been over a year since DC hit PS3 owners; waves of monthly content have been released, servers have been merged, and free to play arrived (of course right!).  DC is here and it is not going anywhere. DC Universe is amazing, annoying, a world I have always wanted to live in, and most of all, my worst enemy! I have never been a fan of MMO’s, and honestly, I’m still not. DC is something special though, an MMO that doesn’t really feel like an MMO. That is until you reach level 30 and get slapped in the face with a ridiculous difficulty spike.  This is both the best and worst part about DC, it tries to offer something to me, someone who HATES MMO’s, all while trying to catch the eye of the true MMO players.

Take that freeze

DC Universe is an action game designed for the PS3. Don’t argue this, it is a fact. DCUO CGI sequences and the Brainiac story are AMAZING, look AMAZING, and if possible, it would be the outcome if awesome and radical had a child. The comic sequences are also great, and trying to see all of them will take some time. To say this game isn’t fun is, in all honesty, a travesty. I have never met anyone who doesn’t enjoy flying, climbing buildings, or running at the speed of light into a battle then pounding your enemy with a wide range of different tactics and special abilities. The mechanics at time can be frustrating, but not game breaking. Moving through quest is a ton of fun and the headlines, comic book sequences that play out after the end of every boss battle, are truly amazing. Yes, what your thinking is correct, I am a huge DC Comic fan, and yes if your not then you probably wont have the same appreciation that I do. This is one of DC’s highest selling points. If you have ever wanted to become a super hero inside the world of DC Comics, well this is it. Creating that super hero you always wanted to make is easy and badass. The creation option is robust to say the least, especially considering the sheer amount of DLC that has been added. From the start you choose a mentor, which will decide if you will be a hero or villain. From there you choose a movement, aka the way you will travel, then a power set, which from what I finally learned is in all reality your role. i.e tank, healer, controller, and dps. Lastly you pick your weapon set and then move on to choosing your look. Once completed you jump into a server and begin what was the best 40 hours ever. Then you hit level 30 and if you’re not an avid MMO player, is a bitch.


This is where DC can get very confusing for non-MMO players, all of a sudden you have to work as a team, your armor and weapon suck, and that 400 toughness you have, actually has nothing to do with how many hits you can take.  My patience kept me in this game, that and the league I was in. Luckily I was playing with some people who informed me of what I needed to do and how an MMO works. This is one of DC’s flaws, if you do not play MMO’s, DC, will not tell you how. There is no tutorial or training into what you need to do to survive as a LV 30+ hero/villain. Now on the flip side, you do play MMO’s, you hit 30 in a matter of seconds because DC was to easy, then you find out you have to spend 20 minutes or more shouting in the Watchtower to find a group of people to play with. Of those 4 guys you finally found, one of them is probably like me and has no idea what he is doing, thus the Alert you decide to go on fails. You are now pissed and you throw DC out the window.  In short this is where the crazy reviews came from, new players to MMO’s have a hard time adjusting to the immediate change once you hit LV 30, which is the level cap, and veteran players don’t have the patience to play a new MMO that has more problems than usual because it is a console game.  Ahh yes,  a console MMO, being that is also one of DC’s problems. This is a problem because console players don’t understand forums or how to speak in them when they are addressing a problem. Go to any forum and all our community can say is, HEY THIS SHISS IS BROKE FIX IT NOW OR I WILL STOP PLAYING!  In case you didn’t know that doesn’t help the developers fix the PROBLEM! This kind of communication is what causes certain problems to not get fixed as fast as those that would if it were a PC community. Even a year later you are still countlessly shouting, been annoyingly annoying, yes I just said that, on forums, and it’s still a great game!

This is a gun!

DCUO has released a solid batch of content over the year. Since it’s release we have seen the Penguin, Light powers, Lighting powers, Green Lantern, Two Face, the Fortress of Solitude, awesomeness, sheer awesomeness, and a sprinkle of awesome. With more people occupying what is now the “mega servers” and the fact that the game is free to play, DCUO definitely has enough content to keep you busy for a very long time.

Throughout the year I have been learning a lot about MMO’s, MAKE NO MISTAKE, I still hate them, but DCUO is special. I just really love living in a universe I have cherished for years. With an unlimited amount of content and direction, DCUO, really has the opportunity to become every superhero’s dream. I have no score to give this game, because I feel a true review for this can never be given. Only time will tell what happens, and I personally believe the future is bright for all of us fighting crime in Metropolis and Gotham.


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