A look back: Homefront was this the real middle ground between COD and Battlefield?

Homefront, brought to your doorstep by THQ, is a game that many like, and just as many hate. Welcome to the resistance, get ready to kill some foreign invaders and save your country, should take you about 5 hours max.

The main story in Homefront is really simple. You were once some pilot, I guess a good one, so the resistance saves you from being “captured” in order for you to fly a helicopter for them.  They don’t ask if you want to join, they just hit the bus that is carrying you with an 18-wheeler and pretty much assume you will follow them. That is honestly your story, but what makes it good is the fact that America has been occupied by Koreans, and man will you hate those commie basterds within 1 minute of the game. It is that hatred that makes Homefront single player so cool, well that and the fact that your fighting on American soil.  Within 10 minutes you are thrust into the resistance that is fighting to take back what is rightfully ours, and it’s that same problem that many will disregard this game for. This game moves fast, real fast, in fact I beat it in one sit down. I think my time clocked in around 5 hours. The best part, you ask? I didn’t care.  Yes, Homefront could have used another hour or two to really flush out some of the characters and make us care more during the emotional scenes, but hey, I honestly felt like Homefront didn’t over stay its welcome. It’s like the “Taken” for video games. It’s also not COD. By that I mean it is not featuring constant action and an explosion every damn second until you become immune to it. This game actually holds some weight on its set pieces and does it in a way that brings emotion towards what’s currently going on. It’s not without its problems though, Homefront, is not the best looking game out there. I will not lie to you, it takes some time to get used to it, it’s not terrible, but it’s not what we are used to seeing. The character models will sometimes have this crazy outline around them, there are jagged textures, and just some hitches that we don’t see in todays games. But don’t let that stop you from checking this game out, rent it at least, the single player is well worth it and the ending, oh man, the ending was really cool. Lets just say you go balls to the wall at the Golden Gate Bridge. I usually hate short games, but this game felt really good in terms of pacing.

Im sure your wondering where your getting your $10 worth, wait 10$? Yes, it is that cheap, and it is sooooo worth it. GO AND GET IT! Multiplayer is where your hard earned 10 bucks go to. I’m going to be straight with you, I love it. The only problem I have is thinking how I wish it could have had Frostbite engine. Oh man, I just shed a man tear at that thought. Wait whats that, Crytek is making Homefront 2?!! Even MORE OF A REASON TO CHECK OUT THIS ONE FIRST. Homefront 2 is also not set to see the light of day until 2014.  Ok back to Homefront 1. This could have been the COD crusher, the progression system is great, everything is well balanced, and driving the robots around is so cool! What I really dig is the Battle Point system or BP.  BP controls the battlefield. The way it works is simple, for every kill, team action, etc you get awarded BP. Obviously if you work as a team you will earn more BP than if you camp like a sissy and go all solo thinking your Rambo. You then use that BP to spawn in vehicles, air strikes, armored vest, and any other special abilities. This makes for a great system, for example, I was playing this one round where I had unlocked this little remote controlled helicopter that fires two missiles. So once I reached my 800 BP I decided to launch that little bad boy. Just as I did that someone on the other team spawned a Tank and some else spawned a Humvee. Well needless to say I DESTROYED their vehicles all while laughing methodically. Yes, it feels that awesome when you launch the perfect counter to someone else’s ability. The best part is you know that tank cost them about 1300 BP!  On top of all that, as you use each weapon you will unlock different camo, scopes, different weapons, and all that jazz.

Take a peek down my scope!

In terms of modes there isn’t too much to offer. Homefront goes with the basic Team Death Match and Capture and hold. Each have an alternative mode, called Battle Commander, which is a fresh take on both modes. In Battle Commander you will receive a “Mark” if you go on a kill streak and that mark will increase if you continue on your streak. Once you are marked the computer, aka The Battle Commander, will assign certain players to target you. So basically if you or someone else on the other team is kicking ass then in no time you will have over 3 people who know the area you are in and who are “suppose” to kill you. In return if you were the one designated to kill the opposing player, and you do it, then you will receive extra BP! Capture and hold is my favorite of the modes, simply because it hold 32 players. INSANITY. Everything else is 24.

Homefronts Multiplayer really is amazing, there have been a few setbacks since its release with their dedicated servers, just to many people playing this AWESOME GAME, but they have since repaired all the problems that drove players away. This game has taken the cake for me, and sits on the throne next to BF 3.  What? Did I just say that! Yes. I did. There is just so much to do online in Homefront, it makes me realize even more, that the short single player was worth it in order for them to spend time creating a great online game. The graphics in this game wont blow you away, but I can guarantee that the multiplayer will, if you give it a chance. If you like progression, an ever changing battlefield, driving remote controlled vehicles, shooting people from the SKY, and just good ole fun, then this game is for you.

Home front rocks a solid 8/10. Yeah that’s right SOLID 8, not just any 8, but a solid one.


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