A look back: Killzone 3 the Halo wannabe killer!

The First Person Shooter Genre sure has become a staple for reoccurring themes, go here, kill him, save the world, and try not to die doing it. Yet here we are continuing to stand by them and save the world over and over again. Why? Well that’s easy, because no one really plays the campaign any more and even if they do, in the end, its the Multiplayer that decides an FPS fate. This is where Killzone 3 really shines, well this and of course gorgeous graphics.

Killzone 3 picks up right were we ended in the previous installment, and I mean right were we left off. If you have not played the previous game I would suggest you do! Once more, we find ourselves behind Sev and Rico, off to take out the dirty Helghast, with there scary oxygen mask. Speaking of oxygen mask why is it they have to where them on their planet and we don’t? Yeah, doesn’t make any since. Anyways, so Sev and Rico are stuck on the dirty planet along with some other survivors, because everything went bad and now a few remaining ISA solider are stuck on Helghan, where have I heard that before? Naturally the remaining survivors rally up and have to stop a secret plan that could… wait for it… destroy the earth.

Just so sexy looking!

Although the story is not what it could have been, it is not without some really great segments. One of my favorites is when you go around silently killing the Helghast with the awesome, truly amazing, best melee system in the world. Trust me, when you gouge someone’s eyes out with your thumbs you can’t help but smile. The vehicle sections, although there are quite a few of them, are fun and of course full of action. This time around the developers graced us with two different control schemes, one that mimics COD, the other Battlefield. Gone are the days of the Killzone 2 clunky control system.  The Campaign should take you around 6-7 hours, and fill you with some joy,  or sadness, I don’t really know what your emotional state is. The real bread and butter here is the multiplayer. Bringing back one of my favorite systems, Warzone, Killzone 3 really is a blast to play online. Warzone is one the best systems I have ever played, having the objectives change on you after the time limit runs out or when you complete them, is a great way to keep everyone on their toes and create a very fun game. Add that with the fact that you can now choose what you want to unlock with your skill points, and the brutal melee system, makes this a much better experience than anything else out there.


Killzone 3 looks great! As if you didn’t already know that. Backdrops are active and alive even in multiplayer. There is a real since here that you are on someone else’s home. Killzone 3 even changes up the scenery on you with some Helghan jungles and wildlife. There are a few hiccups in the campaign. One that happens the most is during the dialogue; the lip sync is a bit out of whack. Its not game breaking but it is annoying. Speaking of annoying the worst are the transitions between, well, everything, and the load times for the multiplayer. There isn’t anything truly game breaking just a few problems to test your patience.

Killzone 3 fits right into our FPS world, but it does it with enough identity to stand out among a very populated genre. Although the campaign is not going to change your life, the multiplayer will. I will be seeing you online, and if I eye gouge you, just know I only do it because its AWESOME!

Killzone 3 managed 8.8/10 to bad Halo is like a 10/10! It was close… NOT!


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