DMC: Has to much changed since we last saw Dante?

The infamous Dante returns in Devil May Cry. Everyones favorite Anti-hero is just as awesome as you remember, he just happens to be younger and sporting a new hair du. Kicking off as an origin story, DMC introduces Dante “fully nude” into limbo and screams forward as you slaughter many demons and uncover your drama-filled past.


Younger is indeed better!

Uncovering Dante’s history was a great move by Capcom. Dante is much more relatable this time around as a scarred and angry young man, who doesn’t know who he is, or where he came from. From the opening moments DMC introduces you into a fully realized and well adapted world. As you embark on your demon killing journey, unlocking countless amounts of combos, nothing stands out more than the very ground you’re fighting on.

When Dante is pulled into Limbo, it is simply breathtaking. Watching the real world tear apart right in front of you, twisting and turning into a terrifying version of itself, never gets old. The use of platforming pays off through the level design here and makes for some great pre-boss encounters that force you to use all of the skills you have learned up to that point. It’s taken even further on the boss fights themselves, with a trippy take on a night club and a very “big brother” feel to a news station, the designs do a fantastic job breathing life into the battles.


Limbo ROCKS!

DMC’s world is made even better when it is crowded with demons for you to rack up the highest combo score you can imagine.  In true Dante fashion the combo system will have you upgrading, experimenting, and repeating over and over again.

Dante is as skilled as ever, loaded with his iconic pistols and sword, the wide range of attacks are sure to keep you busy for hours. Include the weapons you unlock throughout the game and you’ll find more than one reason to keep coming back. Perfection is key in DMC, especially in the harder difficulties. Simply button mashing will only go so far, as the boss fights are designed so that you utilize all of your skill set.

So much time was spent on making Dante as fun as he is to both play and watch, that side characters take a major hit. Virgil, Dante’s brother, is very calculated and never really seems like he is doing anything but complaining or giving orders. Kat, a witch who aids Dante, really felt flat and was just added to give Dante someone to flirt with. It’s really too bad more wasnt offered for their development, but it also doesn’t hinder the game.


Prepare to be FACE PUNCHED!

Don’t expect much here out of the plot either. The origin story is so good that the latter half of the game feels a little underwhelming, especially the ending. Boss fights also suffer from the same shortcomings. Nothing feels quite as good as just kicking multiple demon asses in a crazed out limbo with Dante’s weapons.

DMC really came together as a solid prequel to past games and as a stand alone game in itself. Dante might look different but once you get behind the controls, you’ll see he is just as great as you remember. I wouldn’t travel into limbo myself to get this one, but I would ask the devil if i could rent it.

Find a redbox, go to gamefly, or borrow from a friend.



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