My SXSW Interactive Experience

Growing up outside of Austin in a small town I often found an oasis in Film and Video Games. Watching Arnold annihilate bad guys as Conan the Barbarian is unforgettable. Playing Tetris and Castlevania on the original nintendo, just as… unforgettable. Never in my years would I imagine playing countless video games on a number of systems, going to the University of Texas, being introduced to Austin, graduating, moving to NY, moving back to Austin, getting married, and finally after all that going to my first SXSW show just a few days ago. Why did I wait this long?!?!

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Episode 7: Borderlands Spoiled, Valve’s Hardware

This week Brian and Drew discuss the ending of Borderlands in anticipation for the sequel on Tuesday. They also keep you up to date on what else is going on in the world of gaming from Valve’s rumored hardware to Dishonored and the Last of Us, and the movie news that you care about.

Episode 7

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Episode 5: First Foray into Long-Distance Podcasting

Drew’s in Columbia, SC these days, away from Austin and across the nation from Brian, but they’ve found what looks like a solution–Skype and Call Recorder.

Episode 5: The first foray into long-distance podcasting

This week Brian and Drew catch you up on what they’ve been playing, the crazy and awesome games of August, and some of the latest gaming and movie news, served up with a healthy dose of commentary.

Reviewing Really Old Games: The Summer of Catching Up

While Brian continues to review the latest and greatest from the gaming industry, I’m stuck playing catch-up after rushing through my college years at The University of Texas at Austin. ┬áSo as I play games from years past, I’ll be posting my reviews of these games:

  • inFamous
  • inFamous 2
  • Pacman Championship Edition DX
  • Darksiders
  • Rage
  • Transformers: War For Cybertron
  • Renegade Ops

Look for these and maybe some more in the month of August.