Metal Gear Rising are you ready to “cut” loose?

Are you ready to turn bad guys into chopped beef? If that’s a yes then Metal Gear Rising is your game. Kicking off a few years after Metal Gear Solid 4, Rising features the ever so angry Raiden cutting down bad guys for reasons you probably will never understand.

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Episode 9: Consistency

We’re back and we’re back on a normal schedule, look for the podcast to be up every Friday. In this episode Drew and Brian talk about what they’ve been playing, and of course  the Playstation 4.

Episode 9

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We’re Back, Baby! 2012: A year in Review

That’s right, your favorite gaming podcast is here, our eighth episode may be quite delayed, but it is indeed a great one. Drew and Brian are back in the same room since Drew is in Austin for the holiday season. They discuss what games they’ve been playing over the past month, as well as the best and worst of 2012, and what lies in store for all of us as far as games in 2013.

Episode 8

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